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Gigantic gator takes casual stroll on Florida golf course (vid)

Spotting an alligator on a golf course in Florida obviously isn’t a new phenomenon in any sense. In fact, it appears due to several contributing environmental factors that it will become much more commonplace in the years to come.

But when a gator of utter enormity is spotted casually strolling around a course, it merits noting.

That is just what occurred recently at Osprey Point Golf Course in Boca Raton, Fla. Head golf professional Bobby Ruzzi was on the scene to record evidence of just how large — not to mention just how casually — the alligator was while ambling around the grounds.

Ruzzi’s footage was then further disseminated on social media via WPTV reporter Chris Stewart.

Holy Schnikes, indeed.

Suffice to say, insofar as recent viral videos of wildlife invading golf courses are concerned, the above footage is arguably the most unsettling. A mob of kangaroos in Australia? Meh. A moose in Sweden, even an angry one? A bit more frightening. But a prehistoric-looking alligator? That’s downright terrifying.