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Tony Romo weighs in on the Colin Kaepernick saga

Colin Kaepernick — arguably in inexplicable fashion — remains curiously unemployed despite a pedigree that far exceeds less heralded quarterbacks who found NFL jobs this offseason.

Speculation abounds as to why this has happened to the 29-year-old signal-caller; from Kaepernick being blacklisted for his national anthem protests last season to the argument that his skill set just isn’t what teams want out of a quarterback, amid myriad other theories.

Tony Romo of course retired this offseason after a standout career and is about to enter the world of broadcasting with CBS Sports. Romo arguably is uniquely qualified to weigh in on the ongoing Kaepernick saga, and he did so this week during a press conference ahead of the American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, where the skilled golfer is set compete against fellow celebrities.

“I think the NFL has two real approaches, most organizations that I found they try and go by,” Romo said, via The Dallas News.

“One, they want to collect as much talent as possible. Two, they want to make it about the team, the team, the team.

“And so with Colin Kaepernick, I firmly believe if they viewed him as their starting quarterback on day one he would be on a team right now, I believe he would be.”

Romo went on to say that there’s “no question” Kaepernick is at least talented enough to be a backup in the NFL but added he doesn’t believe teams are see him “as a starting quarterback” at this time.

“Saying that, should he be on a team? I think there’s no question that he’s talented enough to be in the National Football League,” Romo said. “And I think he will be. I just think it takes time. …When someone views him as improving their football team overnight, they’ll bring him in.”

That may well be true, but until it happens, Kaepernick’s continued unemployment will remain one of the more confounding storylines of the NFL offseason.

That said, in light of Romo’s insightful comments on Kaepernick, it appears his career as an NFL analyst is headed in the right direction.