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Rob Gronkowski launches ‘Gronkball,’ a football with portable speaker (pics)

Rob Gronkowski is eschewing — at least momentarily — the party-hearty hi-jinks inherent to his annual “Summer of Gronk” endeavors to showcase his entrepreneurial side. How? By launching a new product called the “Gronkball.”

And what is a Gronkball exactly? Simple. It’s a miniature football LED-light laces that has a Bluetooth-enabled speaker inside it. In essence, it’s everything that Gronk, Gronking and “Summer of Gronk” is all about.

In other words, it’s the ultimate Gronk football … or simply put, a Gronkball. Got it?

“It’s the Gronkball — There’s nothing like it out there,” Gronk said on during an appearance this week on HSN, where he spent some time on the set.

Some additional details on the Gronkball, whose embedded Brookstone speaker has a Bluetooth range of 90 feet, courtesy of The Boston Herald.

At 1.22 pounds, the Gronk speaker ball is ever so slightly heavier than your typical football that doesn’t light up or blast music.

The ball is water resistant, but buyer beware: the product description explicitly reads, “Do not kick or spike the ball. Do not tackle with the ball.”

It also cautioned that you should use it on soft surfaces.

With all that in mind, it would be advisable never to engage in Gronkowski’s patented spiking antics with the Gronkball. But it would be far cooler if one could.

Gronkowski has been busy all week plugging the Gronkball on social media.

Got that 90’s style popping!

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Gronkowski even managed to get pop star Demi Lovato in on the action.

Gronk bless America.