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Rob Manfred: Wrigley Field ‘in the mix’ for upcoming All-Star Game

Could the Midsummer Classic be headed back to Wrigley Field?

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed that the Chicago Cubs’ iconic ballpark is “certainly in the mix” for an upcoming All-Star Game. But the commissioner did say that there are many other teams vying for the opportunity to hold future All-Star Games.

Major League Baseball already has the sites for the 2018 and 2019 All-Star Games already locked and loaded, with Washington (Nationals Park) and Cleveland (Progressive Field) handling the duties, respectively. What the league is looking into in the current bidding process are the locations for the All-Star Games in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

“We have a group of clubs that are interested,” Manfred said, via the Chicago Tribune’s Paul Sullivan. “We’ve moved into a much more competitive evaluation of those various bids, taking into accounts things like the city’s involvement, have they built a new stadium for the club, have they done particular things that are helpful to a club, the availability of key venues, convention centers and whatnot.

“The Cubs are certainly in the mix for that next (selection). I’ll probably do three (sites) at once, is my current thinking. They certainly are in the mix but there are way more than three clubs that are in that mix.”

Wrigley Field has been undergoing a considerable renovation over the past several years, one that has caused some interesting problems along the way. Renovations to the visiting clubhouse and press box, which are planned, would need to be completed before Wrigley Field would be suitable to host an All-Star Game.

The visitors’ clubhouse is expected to completed in 2018 and the press box, planned to be ready before the 2019 season, would complete the planned renovations.

The Cubs last hosted an All-Star Game at Wrigley Field in 1990. It goes without saying that Wrigley is among the most iconic ballparks in baseball and it wouldn’t be a surprise for Major League Baseball to announce a return to it sooner rather than later.