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Hawks keep promise, will pay for Swipe Right Night’ couple’s wedding

Atlanta Hawks CEO Steve Koonin has announced the team will keep its promise to host and pay for the wedding of a couple whose romance blossomed at a Hawks game back in 2015.

Ben McCleskey and Avery Armstrong originally met at a Tinder “Swipe Right Night” at a Hawks game, something documented by the former via Twitter.

The match clearly was meant to last, as the two continued to document their shared love of attending Hawks games over a several-year courtship.

At said “Swipe Right Night 2.0” back in 2016, Koonin made the following promise to the couple.

Thrilled to learn a couple who started dating after the first Hawks Tinder night (McCleskey and Armstrong) are still going strong, he told them if they get married, the Hawks would be happy to host the wedding, and, Koonin said he would foot the bill. “My treat,” he said.

Armstrong, who has since given birth to the couple’s first child, took to Twitter last week to remind the Hawks and Koonin about the CEO’s promise, as the couple has made plans to tie the knot.

Koonin has since responded to the tweet via a statement posted on the Hawks’ official site.

“Avery and Ben: We are super excited for how your relationship has grown since you met at our first Swipe Right Night, and I will absolutely make good on my promise for the Hawks to host your wedding,” Koonin’s statement read. “We can’t wait to start making plans and meet your new little one.”

Kudos to Koonin and the Hawks for honoring the CEO’s promise. There’s no doubt the Hawks will do everything possible to make the couple’s nuptials an event to remember.

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