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Thunder teammates troll Andre Roberson over tip drama

Andre Roberson earlier this week signed a three-year, $30 million deal to remain with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The development of course merited some merrymaking, which involved Roberson and some pals hitting up a bar for some drinks.

It came to light afterward, that Roberson, in a bid to have his tab come out to an even $500 and some incorrect math, left a $13.97 tip on a $487.13 tab.

The arguably awful tip was brought to light evidently by the server who received it.

Roberson later responded to the Twitter taunt, suggesting a shade under $14 was all that the service merited.

The situation was later brought to light by TMZ — of course — which reported that “Roberson and 12 of his friends hit up Chupacabra Cantina in Austin, TX on Wednesday — downing vodka Red Bulls, vodka sodas and Long Islands” before leaving said 3% tip.

In the end, the entire incident seems to be a “He said, he said” kind of situation. But that doesn’t mean two of Roberson’s Thunder teammates, Steven Adams and Enes Kanter, to call him out over the gratuity-based drama.


In the end, the trolling by his teammates could have gone worse for Roberson. At least they didn’t solely take credit for his new contract, like how one of Roberson’s former teammates — a pretty well-known chap — recently did.