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Indians manager Terry Francona undergoes heart procedure

Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona underwent a heart procedure at Cleveland Clinic Thursday and is not expected to rejoin the team until after the All-Star Break, per a report from’s Zack Meisel.

Francona, whose health issues has caused him to miss several games over the past few weeks, ”underwent a catheter ablation to correct an irregular heartbeat,” according to the report. Francona was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday to undergo tests due to issues involving a rapid heart rate as well as lightheadedness.

Francona will not manage the American League Squad at the All-Star Game in Miami next week in light of this week’s developments. Indians bench coach Brad Mills will manage in his place.

Via Meisel’s report:

Antonetti and general manager Mike Chernoff visited Francona in the hospital on Wednesday. Afterward, Antonetti said doctors maintained that Francona had avoided any major health issue, but “it’s just at this point narrowing down what is the specific thing causing the symptoms and how do they correct that?”

Doctors had been monitoring Francona’s heart rate with a button that the manager could press any time he felt it picking up.

“All of the doctors are very confident they will be able to do that and figure that out in the near term.”

Doctors have ruled out any serious, immediate health issue, according to Chris Antonetti, Indians president of baseball operations. Antonetti added that while Francona will be away for the next handful of days, no extended leave of absence has been discussed at this point.

Francona, 58, admitted in February that his health may play a significant role in how long he continues to manage. Beyond this season’s issues, chest pains and an elevated heart rate caused Francona to miss a game last season. The same thing happened to him in 2005 as manager of the Boston Red Sox.

Francona also has a history with other assorted health issues, including pulmonary embolism and blood clots.

Francona is expected to be discharged from the hospital in the next few days.