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Kevin Durant takes credit for Andre Roberson, Dion Waiters deals

Kevin Durant — presumably jokingly — took personal credit for the new deals signed by former teammates Andre Roberson and Dion Waiters.

The Golden State Warriors superstar and Finals MVP took to his YouTube community page to muse upon his supposed sole influence on the contracts for his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates, even referring to Waiters as “my first born,” albeit with cheerful emojis afterward.

(screenshot via The Oklahoman)

“Should I take full credit for Fly Dre getting paid? Probably not, but I will anyway. You’re welcome dre.

“Dion, My first born.

“I’ll always take credit for your success. We both know that.

“I LOVE MY BROTHERS, THEY DESERVE IT ALL. They work tirelessly and they stress over basketball, that’s real love and dedication to something. Once u have that, u get paid for it.”

Roberson signed a three-year, $30 million deal with the Thunder on Wednesday. Waiters, meanwhile, reportedly is set to ink a four-year, $52 million deal with the Miami Heat after spending last season in South Beach following two years with the Thunder.

And at least according to Durant, it’s all thanks to him … at least in a joking manner.

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