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Angry moose hilariously tries to chase down golfer in Sweden (vid)

A golfer in Sweden had an up close and personal encounter with a moose during a recent round. So much so that the poor golfer had to run away in assumed terror as the angry moose tried to run him down, much to the delight of an onlooker who recorded the entire comical scene.

The golfer wasn’t hurt, thankfully, after the moose gave up its pursuit as the man ran by the individual with camera in hand, making the footage appropriately hilarious.

The entire scene apparently played out GK Karlstad in Värmland County, Sweden. At first, the moose appears to be simply curious about the golfer. But then, it appears to close in a bit before pursuing the golfer more aggressively. This prompted the man to understandably hightail it away, which only inspired the moose to give chase.

The moose, perhaps frightened off by the man recording the scene making noise, sauntered off, which the footage documents for a few minutes after the hot pursuit.

Here’s the video, originally posted to Facebook by Tony Swahn.

Suffice to say, it’s a good thing things didn’t get ugly. With that in mind, just imagine what would have happened if this mob of kangaroos spotted at a course in Australia turned hostile. Crikey.

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