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Gordon Hayward’s wife forced to turn off comments on Instagram

Gordon Hayward made his free agency decision on the 4th of July, announcing in a piece on The Players’ Tribune that he would be joining the Boston Celtics.

Utah Jazz fans are understandably disappointed and perhaps even a little upset over their star player deciding to go elsewhere. But evidently a certain segment of disgruntled fans posted such “mean comments and threats” on the Instagram account of Hayward’s wife Robyn that she decided to turn off comments entirely.

In a post expressing excitement over the couple’s upcoming “adventure” while adding how the two are “so grateful for everything Utah has done for us,” Robyn also made note of the hateful chatter that was already coming their way.

“Also, as for all the mean comments and threats,” she writes in part in the post. “Don’t forget athletes are humans too. Treat others how you would like to be treated. It would never cross my mind to speak so negatively and so full of hate about oneself or their family.”

While it’s unclear exactly when it happened, the comments on her Instagram account are now closed.

Sadly, it has become commonplace for such antics to occur in the wake of these kind of situations. In fact, some Jazz fans have even turned to burning their Hayward jerseys, something that also frequently occurs anytime a player decides to change teams.

As noted, though, while it’s perfectly understandable for Jazz fans to be upset over Hayward deciding to sign with the Celtics — Miami Heat fans evidently got in on the act as well — it’s clear some of them took things way too far.