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Report: Phil Jackson thought Carmelo Anthony was trying to sabotage him

Phil Jackson reportedly felt Carmelo Anthony was trying to sabotage him after the superstar confronted Kristaps Porzingis over an endorsement of the triangle offense during last season.

According to a report from the New York Post’s Marc Berman, a source indicates Anthony was “furious to read Porzingis’ positive sentiments on an offense he disdains” and confronted his teammate.

“Melo really chewed him out, lit into him,’’ the source said, per the report.

The incident evidently convinced Jackson that Anthony was hellbent on sabotaging him. Given that Porzingis, not Anthony, was the future of the Knicks organization — despite Jackson’s reported consideration of trading the Latvian star before leaving the organization Wednesday — that was perceived as a problem.

Actually, some Knicks officials believe Anthony’s influence on Porzingis has been detrimental and a key reason why Jackson became adamant about removing him from the roster any way he could.

“Phil thought Carmelo was trying to sabotage him,’’ an NBA source said.

The notion that Anthony literally was trying to sabotage Jackson may be a bit of a stretch, although at the same time it wouldn’t necessarily come as a surprise given the longstanding feud between the two. A dysfunctional relationship festered during Jackson’s three-plus-year tenure and it hit rock-bottom when Jackson said in May Anthony would be better off leaving the Knicks.

Further, Jackson’s stubborn insistence that the Knicks run the antiquated triangle offense — the perceived catalyst of the purported sabotage conspiracy theory — was among the myriad reasons he’s no longer with the organization. Although there were far more embarrassing reasons as well.

Just because Jackson and the Knicks agreed to “part company” — as the team’s statement deemed it — on Wednesday, don’t think the specter of the Zen Master will continue to haunt the organization in the days and weeks to come. This latest development only confirms the notion.

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