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Brett Favre considering a return to NFL as coach, GM?

Brett Favre recently admitted to considering a return to the NFL, perhaps as a coach or conceivably as a member of a front office. But there appears to be nothing currently in the works in that regard for the Hall of Famer, as he’s enjoying his retirement on several fronts.

Favre joined ESPN Wisconsin’s Wilde & Tausch Thursday to discuss his potential career aspirations.

“That type of stuff has crossed my mind,” said Favre, via ESPN. “Because it’s no different to me than coaching. It’s being involved in the game in some aspect.”

Favre, 47, mentioned how coaching high school football for two years in Hattiesburg, Miss., helped inspire his interest.

“I always thought I would be a good coach, but I didn’t know if I had the effort in me,” Favre said. “Well, I did. I’ll tell you what, it was a joy. The competitive spirit came right back. It was obviously different than playing, and so I had a lot of fun.”

Coaching seems to be a more viable option for Favre as he conceded while he’d have the “competitive spirit” for the job, the “business side to it” would make it “different” than interacting with players and the like.

As another option, Favre obviously has the personality and gift of gab for broadcasting. He admitted he thinks he’d “be pretty good” in the booth.

As noted, any potential return to the NFL in any capacity will have to wait, as he wants to hold off until daughter Breleigh finishes college at Ole Miss, where she also plays volleyball.

“I feel like that if I don’t coach or work at that level in some point of my life, that I’m going to waste a lot of knowledge that I have that I should be using it with kids — or adults, at that [NFL] level,” Favre said. “Right now, I don’t want to miss any of Breleigh’s volleyball career, so I’m really not even thinking about it until that day comes.”

If Favre does indeed want to get back into the NFL in any way, expect teams to be very interested.