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Steve Kerr: It ‘might be a good statement’ for Warriors to visit White House

The Golden State Warriors are still contemplating whether or not to visit the White House to celebrate their NBA title should an invitation be extended. Head coach Steve Kerr, who has been a vocal critic of the Donald Trump administration, weighed in on the situation, saying it “might be a good statement” for the Warriors to set personal politics aside and attend a ceremony. That is if the team is actually invited.

Kerr, who in November said he wouldn’t accept an invitation to the White House should the Warriors come out of the 2016-17 season as champions, discussed the issue this week on “The TK Show.”

“The biggest thing, for me, is it’s about the players,” as transcribed by Pro Basketball Talk. “This is a visit that is about the team. We have not met about it, because we haven’t been invited.”

Kerr expressed concern that being a outspoken critic of Trump may in part prevent a White House invite, but did say it would be “very important to consider a potential invitation because I think it could have really positive ramifications if we did go” even though he and some Warriors players have been “very offended by some of Trump’s words and actions.”

“On the other hand, I do think there’s something to respecting the office, respecting our institutions, our government,” Kerr continued. “And I think it could make a statement in a time where there’s so much divide and everybody seems to be angry with each other. It might be a good statement for us to go and to show that, hey, let’s put this aside, put all this partisan stuff aside and personal stuff aside, respect the institution.”

Even if the Warriors end up not paying a visit to the White House, at least they have a standing offer to visit D.C. via other means.

That said, the issue of championship teams being confronted with whether or not to visit the Trump White House will continue to be a major topic of conversation.