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Ray Lewis continues to be a vocal critic of Colin Kaepernick (vid)

Ray Lewis made waves at the onset of the 2016 NFL season by harshly criticizing Colin Kaepernick over his national anthem protest, saying in part the quarterback should “take the flag out of it.” The former Baltimore Ravens great, who was recently hired by FOX as an analyst, doubled down on his rhetoric by questioning whether or not Kaepernick really wants to play football.

Lewis joined FS1’s “Speak for Yourself” earlier this week and made his opinion of Kaepernick quite clear.

The notion espoused by Lewis that Kaepernick should have to choose between being an activist or playing football is a dubious one. NFL players have been politically active and socially conscious going all the way back to Jim Brown. It would seem Lewis’ problem with Kaepernick may stem more from differences with the quarterback’s particular political leanings and not the mere act of him simply speaking out on specific issues.

Interestingly, Lewis on Wednesday also tweeted out the following message.


Some may argue Lewis’ message comes off as a bit of disingenuous in light of his thoughts on Kaepernick.

That said, Kaepernick’s continued unemployment, despite several less-heralded quarterbacks finding jobs this offseason, is a perplexing issue. Countless theories have been forwarded as to why this is so and speculation abounds concerning what it will take for Kaepernick to land with an NFL team.

Whether one agrees with Lewis’ stance on Kaepernick or not, his opinion seems to be shared by teams reluctant to sign the talented-yet-polarizing 29-year-old signal-caller.