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LeBron James continues social media binge with workout vid, more

LeBron James has been on a social media binge since the Cleveland Cavaliers fell to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. And it seems an incredibly tumultuous Monday for the Cavs organization isn’t about to slow his social media roll.

James on Tuesday morning posted video of himself doing a very interesting — and what appears to be incredibly difficult — exercise with which he’s working on his “[c]ore and mind stability.”

As noted, James, who typically shuts down his social media activity during the postseason, has been downright prolific with postings in past week. It all started with his amusing back-and-forth with Draymond Green about a previous Instagram post, among other things, which depicted James working out and showcasing his freshly shaved head.

And before James took to Instagram to show off Tuesday’s workout, he pointed out how he rode in style to said workout while enjoying some “Tom & Jerry” cartoons.

Headed to workouts watching my favorite cartoon of all-time! Tom & Jerry #Classic #TwoGoatsOnTheSameShow

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Tuesday’s social media exhibitions of course follow Monday’s bombshell that the Cavaliers would be parting ways with general manager David Griffin, who counted James as a vocal supporter.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert reportedly didn’t consult James on the decision, which presumably prompted James to articulate his thoughts on the subject via an arguably ominous subtweet.

It remains to be seen the exact extent of the fallout from Griffin’s exit. But at least for the foreseeable future, it appears James will continue chronicling his offseason — good or bad — on social media.