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Report: MLB to allow personalized jerseys, more on ‘Players Weekend’

Major League Baseball will allow players to personalize jerseys and other specific equipment for an event scheduled for August dubbed “Players Weekend,” per a memo obtained by Yahoo! Sports.

The event was spawned by an agreement between the league and the MLB Players Association, according to Jeff Passan’s report. Players Weekend will be held Aug. 25-27. All players will be allowed to wear a jersey bearing a nickname, although “inappropriate and offensive” nicknames not surprisingly will not be allowed.

Additional details gleaned from the memo are as follows, per Passan’s report.

The items with minimal color restrictions include spikes, batting gloves, wristbands, compression sleeves and catcher’s masks. The colors, according to the memo, must avoid interfering with the game and an umpire’s ability to make a call. White gloves, wristbands and sleeves are prohibited.

Each jersey will feature a patch with space for a player to personalize it by “writing the name of an individual or organization that was instrumental to his development,” according to the memo.

Should “Players Weekend” prove to be a success — and presumably going off without a hitch as an added contingency — the league will revisit it with the possibility of planning similar-themed scheduled events.

The personalized jerseys donned by players will be auctioned off by MLB with proceeds going to the Youth Development Foundation, providing an added charitable component to the weekend-long event, which of course is always beneficial.

It’s great that Major League Baseball is relaxing its stringent uniform policy and allowing players to express their individuality, even if it’s only for one weekend. Several players have prominent nicknames, obviously — Joey Bats (Jose Batista), Kung Fu Panda (Pablo Sandoval) and King Felix (Felix Hernandez), to name a few — but it will be just as interesting to see what players who don’t have well-known monikers come up with for their jerseys.

In the end, the hope is all goes well and the league will consider doing more things like “Players Weekend” in the future.