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Calvin Johnson spoofs ‘Megatron’ moniker in ‘Transformers’ spot (vid)

Calvin Johnson was known as “Megatron” throughout his storied NFL career thanks to then-Detroit Lions teammate Roy Williams bestowing the moniker upon him during his rookie season. The nickname now has given rise to the retired Lions wide receiver somewhat spoofing it in a video posted to Instagram to promote the upcoming release of “Transformers: The Last Knight.”


The premise of the ad is Optimus Prime following Johnson everywhere he goes, taunting him, not allowing him to place an order at a fast-food restaurant and telling Johnson he has “no allies” when he shows up at what appears to be a friend’s apartment.

Despite retiring following the 2015 NFL season — a decision he continues to insist carries no regrets — Johnson’s name has remained in the news. Johnson has shared not only the harrowing physical toll playing pro football had on his body, he recently admitted to hiding concussions from the Lions during his career.

Most recently, Johnson revealed he paid back the Lions approximately $1 million in 2016 in the wake of his retirement, something that sparked some controversy given it greatly exceeded what he was supposed to return to the team according to the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.

That said, it’s cool to see Johnson capitalizing on his legendary nickname even in retirement. If nothing else, at least he probably made some of the money back that he returned to the Lions for helping promote the upcoming “Transformers” film.