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Tom Brady headed to China, Japan after Patriots OTAs (pic)

Tom Brady announced via Facebook Tuesday that he is set to embark on a trip to Asia where he’ll “visit to the great cities of Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo” once the New England Patriots complete organized team activities this week.

The trip across the globe has the appearances of a promotional visit, as Brady makes sure to mention longtime endorsement partner Under Armour in his Facebook post.

Brady of course is a global celebrity although NFL players certainly aren’t as popular in China as NBA players, something illustrated by the near-rabid fanfare associated with visits there by superstars like Kobe Bryant (here) and LeBron James (here). While the primary purpose of Brady’s visit to Asia is to promote his brand and market presence as well as that of Under Armour’s, the NFL stands to benefit somewhat from any publicity generated by the trip.

Better yet? Brady actually speaks some Chinese. Or at least enough to wish his fans a Happy Chinese New Year.

Cool. Although it’s safe to assume that Brady’s grasp of the language doesn’t go much further than what he said in the video. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Odds are Brady will be just fine during his sojourn to Asia.