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Odell Beckham Jr. calls out media outlets with custom cleats (pics)

Odell Beckham Jr. on Tuesday finally joined his New York Giants teammates on the practice field for mandatory minicamp after skipping out on voluntary OTAs over the past several weeks.

The enigmatic wide receiver’s absence not surprisingly generated headlines, and the case can be made Beckham himself brought a lot of the attention onto himself by publicizing his antics while away from the Giants.

But Beckham seemingly doesn’t see things that way. Or at least that is what can be inferred given how Beckham called out several prominent media outlets such as TMZ, ESPN and the New York Post on a pair of custom cleats he was sporting on the practice field.

Beckham’s cleats featured the above-mentioned media outlets being “X-ed out or covered by the word ‘Shhhhh!!!’ in red ink,” per an report.

The eyebrow-raising custom cleats aside, Beckham spoke at length with the media and discussed his much-publicized no-shows at OTAs. The wideout made the most of his time away by working out with NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter on the side, catching passes from Johnny Manziel and enjoying a bowling outing in Los Angeles with Iggy Azalea (who he evidently is not dating, per TMZ, one of the media outlets featured on his cleats, interestingly).

Reports suggested Beckham was skipping OTAs as part of a planned holdout over his unhappiness with his contract. Beckham denied that was the case, instead suggesting more philosophical reasons.

“I don’t really think that really proves a point in my opinion,” Beckham said of a potential holdout, via the New York Post. “I was just really out there [Los Angeles] taking that time for myself to reflect on life and value what’s really important, and to grow, to mature. You should be growing each and every year, each and every day, until the day you leave this earth.’’

Beckham added he’s reading a book that suggests one should “use your words wisely and don’t take anything personal ever.”

Strangely, the case can be made Beckham’s cleats spoke to such a notion — and contradicted it — louder than his words ever could.