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Report: Warriors won’t visit Donald Trump White House to celebrate title

The NBA champion Golden State Warriors will decline an invite to visit the White House and President Donald Trump should one be extended, according to several tweeted reports.

The issue of whether teams would visit the White House during the Trump presidency has been a topic of discussion — and contention — since he was elected. The Chicago Cubs actually moved up their White House visit after winning the World Series so they could do so when Barack Obama was still in office.

Several prominent New England Patriots players not only declined to visit the White House along with the organization, some made their opinions of the current administration quite clear when explaining why. Although Trump later blasted seemingly erroneous reporting regarding the turnout by the Patriots when the team paid the customary championship visit.

Given Warriors head coach Steve Kerr’s vocal criticism of the Trump presidency — not to mention his overall political leanings — it’s hardly surprising that his team would decline an invite from Trump and the White House. Although one has to wonder — so long as the initial reporting proves accurate as to the Warriors’ intentions — if an invite will even be extended should specific Warriors players or staffers or the like confirm the team won’t be attending.

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