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Klay Thompson invites fan who got toaster autographed to parade

Klay Thompson says he’ll invite the fan who brought a Golden State Warriors toaster to an autograph session earlier this season to the team’s NBA championship victory parade.

The entire “Warriors Toaster” story line became an interesting aside in March when the team went on an extended winning streak after said fan had Thompson autograph a Warriors-themed toaster.

All told, starting with a win over the Philadelphia 76ers on March 14, the Warriors ran off 14 consecutive victories after Thompson scrawled his John Hancock on the fan’s Warriors toaster, finally losing to the Utah Jazz on April 10. Not a bad run, to say the least, and something said fan chronicled on a Twitter account he set up for the toaster.

Whether the streak actually was inspired by the toaster — it was not — Thompson nevertheless intends to reward the fan. In total, the Warriors went 31-2 on the way to an NBA title after Thompson signed the toaster.

And now, the fan received an invite to the championship parade and rally, scheduled for Thursday in Oakland. But there will be no toasters for Thompson’s Warriors teammates, apparently.

“I’ll invite the fan, but we were supposed to go 16-0 for everyone to get toasters,” Thompson told the media after Monday’s Game 5 victory to clinch the title.

The fan in question, Ronnie Reyes, recently explained how the entire toaster story line came to be, saying it was a Christmas gift he didn’t need, as his family already had a Warriors-themed toaster.

“It’s pretty surreal to be ‘popular’ in the Dubs community, especially Reddit,” Reyes said. “I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the ‘fame,’ but then I realize that it’s not really me that’s famous. It’s the toaster.”