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Bill Belichick says Patriots ‘need to move on to 2017’

It may not have been as memorable — or repetitive — as the legendary Bill Belichick  “We’re on to Cincinnati”  press conference from a few seasons ago, but the New England Patriots head coach recently made it clear it’s time to move on from the team’s Super Bowl LI triumph and focus on the 2017 season.

Ever since the Patriots made history by storming back from a 28-3 second-half deficit to shock the Atlanta Falcons, the team has been riding high awash in the afterglow of Super Bowl glory. Belichick, though, abruptly closed the books on all the revelry in the wake of the team’s recent ring ceremony.

“It was a great night,” Belichick told reporters of the ceremony, via Pro Football Talk. “But, really, we need to move on to 2017. You know, we’ve had enough parades, enough celebrations and enough everything. This ’17 team hasn’t done anything yet — none of us have. We really need to focus on what we’re doing this year. There have been a lot of great moments in the past, which is great, but that isn’t going to help us this year.”

Such focus on what lies ahead and not the successes of the past is arguably the most Belichick-ian thing about Belichick. That’s not to say, though, that Belichick didn’t enjoy said ceremony, as evidenced by him showcasing an absurd amount of ring bling on his fingers at the event.

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But Belichick knows all too well that one does not construct a dynasty by resting on one’s laurels, regardless of pedigree. In fact, the case can be made it’s surprising it took Belichick this long to lay down the law. Although to be fair, the “need to move on to 2017” talk likely isn’t the first time Belichick has expressed a stubborn impatience over the extended celebratory pomp and circumstance since the Super Bowl. And it definitely won’t be the last time, either.