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Jay Cutler on why he didn’t join Jets: ‘Stars didn’t really align’

Jay Cutler decided to move on from the football field for the safer confines of the broadcaster’s booth after being cut loose by the Chicago Bears. While there were reports of a handful of teams being interested in the quarterback, nothing ever materialized, something that presumably effectuated Cutler’s decision to sign on with FOX Sports.

One of the teams that reportedly had interest in Cutler was the New York Jets. But to hear it from Cutler, the “stars didn’t really align” in a manner that made joining the team a reality. In fact, Cutler, who says the Jets reached out to him quickly after the Bears cut him, adds he “kind of balked” at making a rash decision simply to catch on with another team.

Given the remarkable dearth of talent for the Jets at the quarterback position and Cutler’s availability, why didn’t a deal get done?

“The stars didn’t really align for me to get out there,” Cutler told Adam Schefter this week on his “Know Them From Adam” podcast, via ESPN. “By the time I was scheduled to get out there, my buddy Josh [McCown] had taken a visit and they worked something out with him. It all worked out. I’m happy for him.”

Cutler notes that scheduling snafus made it difficult to arrange a meeting with the Jets. But as mentioned, he wasn’t interesting in signing quickly, nor was there any certainty the Jets would offer him a deal in the first place.

“I kind of balked at that because I didn’t really want to jump into anything,” he said. “Whether they would’ve offered me a contract or that it would’ve worked out, I have no idea. That’s something the Jets know more than I know.”

With Cutler and the Jets unable to get on the same page, the Jets signed Josh McCown to a one-year, $6 million deal.

In the end, perhaps everything worked out for the best for all parties involved. Cutler now enjoys the opportunity to start the next chapter in his life and the Jets can continue on their seemingly obvious tanking tear down.