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Mind blown: Study shows tweeting about no-hitter doesn’t jinx it

In what arguably has to be a textbook case of “Well, duh,” a study has proven that commenting on a no-hit bid in progress on Twitter has absolutely no impact on whether or not the pitcher ultimately seals the deal.

And we can thank that mind-blowing piece of information on a study performed by Twitter itself.

As summarized by SportTechie:

With all of the information and data, Twitter discovered that there were twice as many “no-hitter” mentions in roughly the first six innings during a successful game than one where a pitcher failed to complete the bid. The end story for fans: Tweet all you want because it doesn’t negatively affect the chances for a pitcher to throw a no-no.

In other news, Twitter has learned through rigorous data mining that water, in fact, remains wet.

The SportTechie report utilizes graphic evidence provided by Twitter to substantiate the conclusion. But in all honesty, was all the work really necessary?

Back in the dark days before social media, broadcasters, both on the radio and television, were the primary individuals shunned should they ever mention a no-hitter bid as it played out in front of them, especially if the no-hitter did not come to be. The only other situation where someone had the opportunity to castigate another cretinous fan for such a superstitious affront would be if they were watching the game together.

But in today’s brave new era, anyone with an Internet connection could conceivably throw a proverbial wrench into a no-hit bid. That is if it’s an accepted fact that simply uttering a phrase can somehow impact events in which one has no control over whatsoever. Which it isn’t.

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