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Draymond Green reacts to Magic saying ‘Showtime’ Lakers would beat Warriors (vid)

Magic Johnson recently claimed that his Showtime-era Los Angeles Lakers squad would have swept this season’s juggernaut version of the Golden State Warriors. Draymond Green, not surprisingly, doesn’t seem to agree. Or at the very least, is at least amused by the contention.

Johnson, appearing at an American Express event Monday night alongside Pat Riley, made no bones about the superiority of his championship-winning Lakers squads.

“We’d probably sweep them,” Johnson claimed.

Green was informed of Johnson’s claim during a session with the media. His initial reaction? Laughter.

“That’s my thoughts,” Green added following the seemingly sarcastic spate of laughter.

And then Green weighed in on the issue.

“I never understand when people try to compare eras and say, ‘This team could have beat that team’ or ‘They couldn’t have beat that team,’ or  ‘This player is better than that player.’ It doesn’t make sense to me  because you’re kind of talking two different games,” Green added, via Newsday. “I never really understand that or get off into it. They were great in their time. We’re great in our time. Respect that.”

Johnson, like countless others from previous NBA generations, will oftentimes scoff at the notion that the mighty teams of the modern age — including the current incarnation of the Warriors, the superteam to end all superteams — could even compete with the dominant squads of their bygone era.

While such debates are amusing from a superficial perspective and inspire arguably inane debate, there’s really no way to accurately compare teams from different eras in any real, tangible sense.

Although that’s probably not why Green enjoyed such a nice chuckle courtesy of Magic’s comments. But when pressed, here’s what Green had to say about a potential Warriors-Showtime Lakers matchup.

“We would say, ‘We would have ran them off that gym,’” Green said. “But is that true? I don’t know. We’ll never know. But in the same sense I don’t think they were as fast as we are. I sound stupid, right? I think I sound stupid because that’s how all of that be sounding to me.”