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Derek Carr praises Marshawn Lynch as ‘a loyal, faithful person’

It certainly hasn’t taken Marshawn Lynch long at all to ingratiate himself to his new Oakland Raiders teammates. And Derek Carr knew from the get-go that the hometown running back was not only a quality football player but a quality person as well.

“He’s shown that he’s a loyal, faithful person,” Carr said of his first impressions of Lynch, via ESPN. “I know for a fact he has my back no matter what.

“I could just feel it from him. There was no feeling-out process or anything. I just knew. He’s told me multiple times that he does. To have that as a quarterback is big because he’s the last line of defense picking up blitzes, he’s the one fighting for extra yards to move the chains for us. He’s just a loyal guy.

“I think that as long as you’re just you and you’re not a fake person, I don’t see how he would have a problem with anybody.”

Lynch’s positive impacts upon the team — even before taking the practice field (more on that later) — cannot be understated. Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio couldn’t help but gush over Lynch shortly after the team signed the 31-year-old out of retirement, citing Lynch’s “authentic passion” among other qualities.

Del Rio said in late May that Lynch was “doing great” while “soaking up the system” as a  limited participant during OTAs. And a tweet issued by Del Rio on Monday showcased how Lynch looks have started to shake off a year’s worth of rust.

Lynch hasn’t spoken to the media since signing with the Raiders, but it’s nevertheless clear simply from the comments from Del Rio, Carr and others that everyone, including Lynch, is thrilled with the situation.

While it’s uncertain what kind of impact Lynch can have on the field, his infectious presence certainly has and likely will continue to help team morale in the short-term. What happens from this point going forward of course remains to be seen.