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Stephen Curry admits his playoff beard took four months to grow (vid)

Stephen Curry will take the court Thursday night for Game 1 of the NBA Finals rocking a playoff beard he admits has been months in the making.

The Golden State Warriors superstar, ahead of a third consecutive Finals showdown with the Cleveland Cavaliers, sat down with ABC News’ T.J. Holmes for an interview that aired Thursday morning on “Good Morning America.” In it, Curry admits a “baby face” label he’s carried since college inspired him to grow out a playoff beard ahead of this postseason. It just took him a bit longer than it might for other players.

“So the backstory is as baby face back in college, I always wanted to grow a beard just to say that I could, but I could never get it to connect on this side right here,” he said showing off his facial hair.

“Six months ago it started to connect and I got a little carried away with it and made up my own reason for a playoff beard. So this is like four months of hard work and perseverance.

Playoff beards in the NHL of course are a time-honored tradition. While the habit hasn’t taken the NBA by storm, perhaps Curry’s foray into postseason facial hair will inspire other players to do the same.

Joking about playoff beards and such aside, Curry also addressed the accusation he’s “soft,” an angle that played out earlier this season amid reports several of his fellow NBA superstars harbor “disdain” for him.

“I don’t know what’s in people’s minds, how they label me, how they perceive me. …. I know what I’m about, how I view myself, and my life and my style of play on the basketball court,” Curry said. Adding that it doesn’t matter “whether you think I’m soft or I’m tough or I look like I’m 16 or whatever.”

Curry and his months-in-the-making playoff beard, along with his Warriors teammates, will tip-off Game 1 of the Finals against the Cavaliers at Oracle Arena on Thursday night.

Also, for what it’s worth, Curry stressed there’s “not a chance” he’ll shave his beard until the Finals conclude.