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Mr. Met taunted with profane jeers before incident, fan says

Additional details continue to come to light regarding an incident Wednesday night when Mr. Met flashed an obscene gesture at fans during the New York Mets’ 7-1 loss to the Milwaukee Brewers. And the latest development at least lends to the possibility that Mr. Met’s middle-finger salute may have been provoked by heckling fans.

According to an unidentified fan’s comments to the New York Post, a personal issue involving the employee portraying Mr. Met that unfortunately spilled over into his professional life.

“Mr. Met was being heckled all night from those fans, and security spoke to the fans about it after Mr. Met’s handler spoke up,” the fan, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Post. “I do know that the fans were cursing at Mr. Met with the F-word and saying derogatory things about Mr. Met’s mom …. which led to the gesture because of a personal matter with his mom.”

The fan, who claims to know the person who was acting as Mr. Met Wednesday night, said, “It triggered something that recently happened. It was his breaking point.”

Footage surfaced Wednesday night of Mr. Met making the aforementioned vulgar gesture at a fan. The video, posted by Anthony De Lucia, a student at Adelphi University on Long Island, not surprisingly quickly went viral.

“I just asked for a high-five,” De Lucia said. “Nothing provoked it.”

De Lucia was asked if he happened to witness Mr. Met being poorly treated by fans.

“At the time I did not,” he said. “I was focused on opening my camera app to take the picture/video of me and Mr. Met high-fiving.”

The Mets, in an effort at damage control in an already-nightmarish season, promptly issued a statement following De Lucia’s social media post and as reports began to surface.

A Mets official has since stated the employee will no longer portray Mr. Met but will remain with the organization in some capacity.