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Eric Thames drug tested after first homer in three weeks

Eric Thames’ red-hot start out of the gates this season came with the arguably dubious trade-off of being subjected to numerous random drug tests. The Milwaukee Brewers slugger has cooled off a bit in recent weeks but his first home run in three weeks — a 436-foot bomb — on Wednesday was interestingly met with yet another random drug test by the league.

In light of the immediate timing between the home run during Milwaukee’s 7-1 win over the New York Mets and the subsequent drug test, Thames apparently is questioning the purported randomness of it all.

In the midst of Thames’ torrid power-hitting hot streak earlier this season, the slugger gave a response for the ages about the frequency of the drug tests administered to him.

Interestingly, a few days after dropping that phenomenal line, Thames was again the target of a random drug test, his third one in only 10 days, as it happens. Perhaps that’s why Thames has such an interesting reason for being thrilled to land in Milwaukee.

While it seems much more than a coincidence that Thames is receiving more than his fair share of random drug tests amid a truly inspiring start to his MLB comeback season, it’s important to note that the league doesn’t reveal to whom and how often drug tests are administered. It’s only that the public is hearing a lot about Thames’ experiences with them. That does not mean other players aren’t subjected to random drug tests just as often.

The fact remains, though, that Thames received one immediately after breaking out of a weeks-long home-run dry spell certainly is an interesting bit of happenstance, at the very least.

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