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Scottie Pippen: Stephen Curry a ‘great player’ but ‘not a dominant player’

Scottie Pippen has emerged with yet another interesting take about a current NBA superstar.

This time, the former Chicago Bulls great set his sights on Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry ahead of a third straight showdown with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

In essence, Pippen doesn’t think Curry is as “dominant” as advertised.

“I think we have to also look at it now that he’s not the best player on either team,” Pippen said Tuesday on ESPN’s “The Jump,” as transcribed by NESN.

“Even though he’s a two-time MVP or a unanimous MVP, right now, he’s not the best player on his team. He’s not a dominant player. He’s a great player, and the things that he does out on the basketball court force Cleveland to have to do things to get the ball out of his hands, but in terms of what LeBron (James) and (Kevin Durant) can do, those guys can dominate you in all areas of the game. Rebounding, blocking shots, to defending, to scoring. They beat you all across the board.”

It may seem ludicrous — or at the very least suspect — to characterize Curry, a two-time MVP, as “not a dominant player.” But some of the points Pippen makes about Curry have some semblance of merit.

The addition of Kevin Durant — who arguably is a more “dominant player” than Curry — certainly reset the Warriors’ pecking order on offense to adequately capitalize on Durant’s game-changing talents.

Further, as Pippen notes, LeBron James without question is a superior all-around player when compared to Curry, especially on the defensive end, where Curry is oftentimes seen as a liability.

But Curry obviously is more than capable of taking over a game in his own right on offense, given his ability to seemingly score at will, particularly from outside.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first time in the recent past that Pippen made an intriguing observation about a current NBA superstar. As was the case with those comments, Pippen’s thoughts on Curry certainly will spawn a compelling debate.