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Adam Silver: LaVar Ball will ‘settle down’ once Lonzo is drafted

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has become the latest big basketball name to weigh in on the enigmatic and sometimes controversial LaVar Ball.

In essence, Silver says that Ball will “settle down” once son Lonzo Ball gets selected somewhere among the top picks in the 2017 NBA Draft.

“I think here, if I were an NBA team looking at Lonzo Ball, I’m not sure how much consideration I would give to his father,” Silver said of the elder Ball during a Wednesday appearance on “Mike & Mike” on ESPN Radio. “I think ultimately the issue is, how much game does Lonzo have, how great an player can he be.

“I think his dad will invariably settle down once his son is drafted and a team has the appropriate discussions with him. So I’m not concerned about that.”

Silver lauded the elder Ball for the “quite incredible” ability to generate publicity for his basketball-playing sons, not to mention his Big Baller Brand (more on that here), while noting on only one occasion has he had to speak to a player’s father, and that came “in a very polite way.”

Ball, despite oftentimes attracting the wrong kind of attention, certainly seems to have his sons’ best interests at heart and appears to be a tremendously supportive father. However, Ball can sometimes take things a bit too far, often with unflattering results (more on that here).

Perhaps Silver is right in asserting Ball will “settle down” once Lonzo is drafted. That will be all the more likely if Lonzo is selected by the Los Angeles Lakers with the second-overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the elder Ball’s preferred destination for his son.

On the other hand, given his recent history, a less in-your-face version of the domineering Ball might not be in the cards, regardless of how things play out for his son.