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Odell Beckham Jr. skipped OTAs to work out with Cris Carter

Odell Beckham was expected to attend Thursday’s OTA session with his New York Giants teammates. Despite reports indicating the same, the enigmatic wide receiver was once again a no-show.

And this time, instead of being at OTAs — where attendance is strictly on a voluntary basis — Beckham instead opted to work out with Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter.

In a series of videos posted to Twitter by Nick Wright, Carter’s FOX Sports co-host, Beckham is seen training with the iconic wideout.

It’s worth noting that Carter took an interest in mentoring Beckham back in January, so this partnership technically isn’t a new development.

There is no disputing that Beckham is getting his work in despite not attending OTAs. It’s also reportedly the case that Beckham has been putting in the effort the entire offseason.

It is now a cliche to point out the “optics” of these kind of situations, but it cannot be avoided that Beckham spurning the Giants to work out with Carter — or running drills with Johnny Manziel or going bowling with pop stars he may or may not be dating, both of which he did this week — simply doesn’t look good.

Reports started trickling in following Beckham’s no-show Thursday indicating he would not commit to attending any OTA session. Beckham reportedly said “no comment” when asked.

Beckham did, however, say he would “for sure” be at the Giants’ mandatory minicamp scheduled for June 13.

It’s unclear exactly why Beckham is avoiding attendance at Giants OTAs. While there are myriad potential reasons for him to do so — and again it merits stressing the OTAs Beckham is missing are voluntary — the Giants probably would prefer had he showed up to them, and continued to do so throughout the early offseason.

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