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LeBron James cracks bald joke about himself, Michael Jordan (vid)

LeBron James became the all-time leading scorer in NBA playoff history, surpassing Michael Jordan, during the third quarter of Thursday night’s elimination of the Boston Celtics in the Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

While the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar spoke honestly and eloquently about the obviously impressive career milestone while making sure to give Jordan his due and deserved respect, James did manage to sneak in a great joke, both at his and MJ’s expense.

James, as noted, spoke at length about Jordan’s influence on his game and him as a basketball player. The bulk of his comments were as follows.

“I shot fadeaways before I should have,” James said after Cleveland’s 135-102 victory, via’s Joe Vardon. “I wore a leg sleeve on my leg and folded it down so you saw the red part. I wore black and red shoes with white socks. I wore short shorts so you could see my undershorts underneath. I didn’t go bald like Mike, but I’m getting there.

“Other than that, I did everything Mike did,” he continued. “I even wore a wristband on my forearm. I didn’t do the hoop earring, either. That was Mike. But I did everything Mike did, man.”

James said “I wanted to be Mike, so for my name to come up in any discussion with Michael Jordan or Kareem…it’s a wow factor. I don’t really have anything to say.”

Accolades to Jordan aside, it’s certainly amusing how James inserted some self-deprecating humor about his seemingly ever-receding hairline, especially given how much attention has been paid to his scalp throughout his NBA career.

Some say “bald is beautiful.” As it pertains to King James and His Airness — at least on the basketball court — there may be no truer statement.