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Phillie Phanatic scares baby, fails in bid to calm her down (vid)

The Phillie Phanatic, try as it might, could not console nor comfort a baby who appeared to be frightened by his immediate presence.

During Wednesday’s game between the hometown Philadelphia Phillies and Colorado Rockies at Citizens Bank Park, the Phanatic was up to his usual madcap antics while doing his thing atop one of the ballpark’s dugouts. In close proximity to the mascot was a mom holding her adorable baby girl.

As the scene played out, the Phanatic did its best to use its charm to soothe the frightened infant. Suffice to say, things did not go very well.

After scooping up the baby in his gargantuan green arms, a well-intentioned gesture, she only wanted to be returned as soon as possible to her mother’s arms in light of her close encounter with … well, whatever kind of creature the Phillie Phanatic purports to be.

It’s nice to see that once the little girl was returned to her mother, she seemed mesmerized, not terrified by the furry behemoth. Perhaps the infant should have been more frightened by yet another loss, as the Phillies went down to the Rockies by a score of 7-2.

Speaking of which, is there any video out there emblematic of the Phillies’ nightmare start to the 2017 MLB season. The team is a 15-29, the worst record in the majors and are mired in a 4-20 slump. Phillies fans arguably should be crying, too.

Moving on, the Phillie Phanatic without question is of course one of the most iconic professional sports mascots out there, beloved by Phillies fans for decades. But when it comes to this adorable little baby, the strange-looking creature is nothing more than an up-close dose of nightmare fuel.