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Cubs to don ‘Anchorman’-themed gear for West Coast road trip

Joe Maddon, as he is wont to do, has planned something special for an upcoming road trip for the Chicago Cubs. Even though the pop culture reference that inspired  Maddon’s latest team-building gambit is arguably quite outdated, it is sure to come off as kind of a big deal.

Maddon revealed earlier this week that for the Cubs’ upcoming West Coast road trip — which includes a three-game series with the Los Angeles Dodgers and closes with a three-game set against the San Diego Padres — the team will don attire in tribute to the Will Ferrell classic, “Anchorman,” for the flight out and flight back to Chicago.

“It’s the Ron Burgundy/Brick Tamland trip,” Maddon said, via the Chicago Tribune. “Sponsored by Sex Panther cologne, sixty percent of the time it works every time.”

“Anchorman” of course was set in 1970s-era San Diego, so the fact the road trip closes in the city named for a whale’s … never mind … makes it especially apropos.

The Cubs’ road trip to Miami last year featured the team donning cheesy 70s clothing. The assumption here is that at least some players will be able to recycle the same duds from that themed getaway.

As Maddon mentioned, the West Coast sojourn isn’t only about Ron Burgundy, it’s also about Brick Tamland, the slow-witted weatherman from the anchor’s Channel 4 news team portrayed by Steve Carrell. And there’s good reason for this, as explained by Maddon.

“They’re like two interchangeable guys,” Maddon said. “I see Brick, I see Tommy. I see Tommy, I see Brick. Put some glasses on Tommy, some sideburns, I got Brick.”

Any reference to “Anchorman” at this point, as noted above, arguably is well past its relevancy expiration date. Still, Maddon, one of the quirkiest, most eccentric personalities in baseball, deserves credit for at least trying something different.

Even better, the themed trip doesn’t run afoul of Major League Baeball’s new hazing policies, something Maddon has railed against in the past.