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Antonio Brown tweets great reaction to relaxed celebration rules

The NFL on Tuesday announced a relaxing of the arguably draconian rules against player celebrations. Celebratory acts such as “snow angels, group demonstrations and more are back!”, per a statement from NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

While the relaxed approach to celebrations is a welcome one from an organization sarcastically referred to as the “No Fun League,” the NFL will nevertheless continue to frown upon twerking, as well as all other sexually suggestive acts, much to the chagrin of Antonio Brown.

The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver of course counts the twerk as his go-to celebration move, something that yielded him a fine last season, one of three times he was punished for celebratory antics.

In light of the mostly positive developments and in response to the continued twerking ban, Brown took to Twitter to hilariously articulate his thoughts on the issue.

Well played, Mr. Brown. Although not quite as funny as how Goodell presented it on social media (more on that here).

Speaking in more serious terms, Brown did appear encouraged by the more lax approach the NFL evidently will take towards celebrations this coming season. In fact, he’s looking forward to getting teammates involved in his celebrations, especially offensive lineman, whom Brown is eager to “give them another reason to be on the field” after touchdowns.

“It’s amazing,” Brown said, via ESPN. “I’m sure the guys are looking forward to it, the O-line, some of the guys who don’t get to celebrate with the guys who are getting in the end zone. I think it will be fun.”

Brown was asked by reporters if he has any new moves lined up. He wasn’t willing to divulge any, stating, “I’m excited, man.”

When asked to at least provide a hint or a tease of what he has planned, Brown wouldn’t budge.

“Man, you’ve got to look forward to it,” he said.

Now that might be a statement that should cause Goodell some semblance of concern, even with the recent demonstration of his rarely seen sense of humor.