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Joey Votto brilliantly shuts down heckling Indians fans (vid)

One wouldn’t expect Joey Votto to be heckled in the Cincinnati Reds’ home stadium. But some Cleveland Indians in town for a intrastate-interleague series at the Great American Ball Park attempted to make Votto’s night on Monday a rough one.

A couple of Indians fans who scored some prime seats for Monday night’s game did their best to heckle Votto as the Reds first baseman waited for an at-bat. And failed miserably, thanks to Votto’s quick wit.

Perhaps the best part of the exchange is Votto’s savage shutdown of the fan’s original taunt. But as the dialogue progresses, Votto, in reaction to each attempted taunt, manages to knock the Indians fans down a couple of pegs with each and every response.

Boom. Roasted.

The entire brilliant exchange in which Votto, known for his interesting exchanges with fans (here and here) is the undisputed victor, as transcribed by SB Nation:

Fan: I remember when you used to be good.

Votto: I remember when you used to be thin.

Fan: That was around the same time you used to be good.

Votto: Now you guys are just talking, you’re not stating facts. I’m using facts.

Fan: The fact is you were standing on third base when the ball wasn’t even in his hand like a deer in headlights saying “Dammit what am I doing standing on third, I’m supposed to be on second!”

Votto: You know what the difference is? Right now this guy is filming this. I’ve got something to lose. You guys don’t even have a life so you’ve got nothing to lose at all.

Fan: Exactly.

Votto: So it looks terrible if I’m here talking to you guys.

Fan: That would be a shame, wouldn’t it?

And there’s more about Votto’s intersections with Indians fans, via Big League Stew.

Even better? Votto and the Reds went on to beat the Indians by a score of 5-1.

Also, for what’s it worth, Votto is slashing  .293/.412/.592 clip this season with 12 homers and 38 RBI. Not too shabby for a player who “used to be good.”