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Adam Jones pens thoughtful essay about Fenway Park incident

Adam Jones has penned a thoughtful and compelling essay entitled “Hate” for The Players’ Tribune in which he addresses the incident on May 1 at Fenway Park when he was subjected to racial slurs and had a bag of peanuts thrown at him.

Instead of focusing solely on the troubling incident from his perspective, the Baltimore Orioles outfielder instead focuses on how disappointing it is to realize his three-year-old son is learning about issues like racism and hate at such a young age, writing of the incident that his son “doesn’t understand why, but he knows what happened.”

Jones does address the Fenway incident from a personal standpoint, disputing and discarding the typical reactions and justifications to those who take a contrarian view of what occurred. Among those in the camp of detractors and naysayers is Curt Schilling, who on several occasions has embarrassingly accused Jones of lying about the incident (more on this here and here).

Well, it’s 2017, and some people are still just stupid. I’ve heard plenty of stuff on a baseball field over the years. You expect trash talk from fans. Sometimes you even enjoy it.

But to be out there playing the game you love, and to hear somebody call you the n-word?

To have peanuts thrown at you, like you’re not even a human being?

It’s disgusting.

Forget about, “Well in hip-hop, they say….”

Forget about, “Well the guy was just drunk.”

Forget about, “Well I’ve never heard that stuff at Fenway before.”

This is not a sports debate show. This is my real life. It happened.

And it’s just point-blank disgusting.

Jones closes out the essay by once again addressing how he’ll have to explain racial intolerance and bigotry to his son, who, as a teenager discover ” if he Googles his dad, this incident will probably come up. He’ll read a lot of confusing things.”

Jones, via his agent, made it clear he will never “let up” in his quest to confront the issues of racism in baseball. This essay again proves that commitment quite convincingly.