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TV graphic fail states John Lackey ‘eating 4.2 children per start’ (pic)

Chicago Cubs pitcher John Lackey took the mound at Wrigely Field Tuesday night for a start against the Cincinnati Reds. And a comical graphic fail put up during the game stated Lackey has had a habit of eating children during every start.

Wait. What?

During the top of the 2nd inning and the Cubs up 3-1, a graphic was put up that read Lackey is “Eating 4.2 Children Per Start This Season.” It’s also noted that the supposed consumption of kids is the “Highest Of Career.”

Given his career average is only 2.8 eaten children per start, that’s pretty darn impressive. And presumably quite filling.

For what it’s worth, Lackey earned the victory in the Cubs’ 9-5 win, pitching 5.1 innings, surrendering 3 earned runs while scattering seven hits to go with two walks and three strikeouts.

But in the end, Lackey’s start will be best remembered for the bizarre graphic. And in all honesty, it’s difficult to ascertain exactly how that graphic was actually supposed to read. Perhaps Mike Tyson could explain it all to us.