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Michael Vick to play quarterback in fledgling pro flag football league

Michael Vick has signed on to play quarterback in a fledgling flag football league that will begin testing out concepts and formats beginning next month, reports ESPN’s Darren Rovell.

The American Flag Football League is the creation of financier Jeff Lewis, who envisions having former NFL and college football players, among others, participating in what he is hoping will be eight league-owned franchises beginning in 2018.

“I just thought to myself, ‘what would this look like if great athletes played this?'” Lewis said. “There’s certainly a huge pool to take guys from. Every single year, NFL teams cut 800 guys. We need less than 100 players to field eight teams.”

The inaugural test game is currently scheduled for June 27 at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, Calif. The game will be played on a 100-yard field featuring 7-on-7 teams. Games will run the customary 60 minutes.

Vick — who is also an adviser to the league. along with former NFLers Isaiah Kacyvenski, Rob Konrad and Donovin Darius — is expected to play in the game despite ankle surgery last month, as is former NFL running back Justin Forsett.

Rovell’s report notes there will be some technological innovations showcased during next month’s game, highlighted by some high-tech flags.

The league’s flags, which are patent pending, are attached via magnets instead of the typical Velcro. When a flag is detached, a sensor detects it and an official will be able to see the exact point on the field when the flag came off, thus ceding the guesswork to science.

Evidently, in the American Flag Football League, the future is now.The league is also working on several critical logistic fronts as well, including how much players will be paid. One possibility being discussed is having a fantasy-based points system determine game bonuses.Some may be skeptical about something like a professional flag football league ever becoming a success. But one needn’t look any further than the hype surrounding Ice Cube’s BIG3 basketball league, debuting this summer, to see reasons why pro flag football could become a hit.