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Adam Jones reacts to Curt Schilling saying he lied about Fenway incident

Adam Jones has reacted to Curt Schilling essentially saying he lied about an ugly fan incident that occurred earlier this month during a game at Fenway Park.

The Baltimore Orioles outfielder said after a May 1 game against the Boston Red Sox that he was subjected to racial slurs were and had a bag of peanuts thrown at him. The incident prompted the Red Sox organization to apologize to Jones and inspired the MLB commissioner’s office to issue a statement condemning such conduct in the league’s ballparks.

Schilling, meanwhile, accused Jones of lying about the incident. Not only did Schilling go on a Twitter rant in the days that followed, he also said the Orioles star was “full of (expletive), honestly” prior to a podcast during which he expanded upon his doubts.

It has been weeks since Schilling levied the unsubstantiated allegations. But Jones, during a broader discussion of race issues in baseball with Yahoo! Sports’ Jeff Passan, addressed how Schilling weighed in on the incident.

“[Curt] Schilling is over there with his rants. He just wants an outlet. Somebody will take his call, take his rants,” Jones told Passan. “He can keep them for himself. Because he’s never experienced anything like I have. I’ll stick with what [Mark] McLemore said about it: Schilling, hell of a career. But he’s never been black, and he’s never played the outfield in Boston.”

Jones’ agent indicated in the aftermath of the Fenway incident that the outfielder is “not going to let up” in imploring Major League Baseball to improve its policies to better combat racist behavior by fans in its ballparks. In doing so, Jones obviously opens him up to contrarian commentary from the likes of Schilling.

But by continuing to discuss the incident in a broader context, as was the case with his interview with Passan, Jones demonstrated things like Schilling’s antics won’t stop him from confronting such an important issue.