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Michael Bennett says Seattle the ‘perfect place’ for Colin Kaepernick

Michael Bennett completely supports the potential of adding of Colin Kaepernick to the Seattle Seahawks roster.

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll on Monday said Kaepernick is among the veteran quarterbacks the team is looking at adding. And Bennett thinks Seattle would be the “perfect place” for Kaepernick to land.

“I think a person that’s dedicating their life to creating change, why wouldn’t you want that type of leadership in your locker room?” Bennett said on 710 ESPN Seattle, via ESPN. “Why wouldn’t you want a young person that’s dealt with people wanting to kill him because of his choices in life? So I don’t know why people feel like that is a problem.

“I think that Kaepernick getting the opportunity to be on our team would be really cool, would really be a good place for him because you have a coach like coach [Pete] Carroll who is up for challenges like that. You have an owner who spends and gives back to the homeless. You’ve got players on your team that give back in the community. You’ve got Russell Wilson who shows that our team is built around community. So this is a perfect place for him.”

Bennett, among the most outspoken players in the NFL, publicly supported Kaepernick amid the quarterback’s national anthem controversy, something that has continued well into the offseason.

“I support him and all the stuff he’s doing,” Bennett said of Kaepernick last August just as the anthem controversy kicked into high gear.

Bennett also heralded Kaepernick as “one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL” as the 29-year-old signal-caller languished in free agency earlier this year as other less talented quarterbacks signed with teams. Bennett noted that Kaepernick fits the Seahakwks offense scheme-wise as well.

But most of all, Bennett admires Kaepernick for the courage of his convictions.

“I think he would be very good in our locker room,” Bennett said. “I don’t know why he wouldn’t. I think we all talk about the same issues. It’s just that he had the courage to be able to step up, and I get it.”