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Russell Wilson surprised by mom after reading touching Mother’s Day note (vid)

Russell Wilson eloquently professed his admiration and love for his mother Tammy in a touching letter written for Mother’s Day. Little did the Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback know that his mom backstage listening as he read it for an ESPN piece.

Wilson, whose devotion to his mother and father, Harrison Wilson III, who passed away in 2010, is well-established. In his letter, Wilson cites their influences upon his life. Fittingly, though, given the theme, Wilson’s note focuses on his mother..

“Dear Mama, Happy Mother’s Day,” the note opens. “I want to thank you for always being there as a positive force in my life. You are the definition of a perfect woman — a giver, nurturer, caretaker who exudes grace at all times — no matter what obstacles life throws at you. What a lucky, no I should say blessed guy I am, to have been born to a woman as strong, generous and loving as you.”

Wilson goes on to thank his mother for teaching him to “respect each day as the gift it is … to live with unwavering faith, kindness, love and perseverance.”

The Seahawks signal-caller goes on to praise his mother for her loyalty to her family.

“Thank you for the years of always putting our family first no matter how hard life got,” Wilson reads. “I’ll always love and admire you … I’m in awe of you.”

Wilson closes out his letter with one final heartfelt sentiment.

“I thank Jesus for you everyday,” Wilson reads from the note. “I love you. Happy Mother’s Day.”

That’s when Tammy emerges from backstage to surprise her son. A truly touching moment.