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Massachusetts brewery mocks Joe Flacco with ‘elite’ dig (pic)

Joe Flacco is a Super Bowl-winning quarterback whose pedigree is constantly dogged — mostly in a joking manner — over the debate whether he is an “elite” player or not. It’s been a running gag for years and now a Massachusetts brewery has brought the “elite” mockery back to the forefront.

Tree House Brewing Company, a beer company based in Monson, Mass., obviously is right in the middle of New England Patriots country. So, it’s not all that surprising that there are now 12,000 cans of its beer that mock the Baltimore Ravens quarterback.

Surrounding the date stamp on the bottom of each can is the question, “Is Joe Flacco Elite?”

Even better? ESPN’s Jamison Hensley reports that the brewery jokingly sent some of the aforementioned cans to the Ravens team facility.

Andrew Pillsbury, a packing line operator for the brewery, is behind the concept of mocking Flacco on the cans.

“I figured let’s open it up to our audience and let’s see what they think,” Pillsbury said.

Local breweries mocking a rival team or player is nothing new (see here and here and here and here). But this most recent entry deserves credit for capitalizing on a time-honored meme.

Interestingly, but perhaps not shockingly, Tree House Brewing Company boasts a workforce comprised of 100 percent Patriots fans. In fact, Dean Rohan, one of the co-founders of Tree House Brewing Company, says that a question during the interview process weeds out the undesirables, although he admits that’s not really the case.

Regarding the age-old debate concerning whether Flacco is an elite-level quarterback, here’s what the guy who came up with the can idea had to say.

“We go back and forth,” Pillsbury said. “In the regular season, he doesn’t look too elite. But sometimes he comes through there in the playoffs and it gives us a little scare. But we got Tom Brady, so we’re not really worried.”