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Marlins Man says team warned him about risque behavior by guest

Laurence Levy, otherwise known as Marlins Man, has made a name for himself due to his penchant for showing up to random sporting events rocking his patented Miami Marlins jersey. Seated in premium, high-buck seats, Marlins Man can often be easily spotted during broadcasts of big-time playoff games and the like.

Lately though, Marlins Man has attracted even more attention by bringing along several female companions to Marlins games.

And on Wednesday, one of his guests may have taken it a bit too far with her behavior, even though Marlins Man wasn’t around to witness it.

During the Marlins’ showdown with the St. Louis Cardinals at Marlins Park, one of Marlins Man’s companions, named Korinna, attempted to distract a Cardinals pitcher during Christian Yelich’s at-bat by somewhat pulling down her top and shaking her breasts.

Levy told the New York Post that the Marlins reached out to him to warn him about his guest’s conduct.

“I didn’t know what happened,” Levy said Thursday. “When I came back, people were like, ‘Did you hear what happened?’ Then the Marlins sent me a text message, ‘You need to keep you girls under control, they cannot be flashing on TV it’s not appropriate. Bringing them is one thing to have fun, but the actions aren’t good for the image and we can’t condone it.’”

Levy’s guest who caused all the commotion says she wasn’t aware her antics were caught on camera.

“To be honest, I was caught off guard. I was sitting and watching the game and we had a couple guys on base and we were just kind of talking and laughing and we thought it’d be kind of a funny distraction to get the pitcher’s attention and see if it would help, so that’s kind of what we did,” Korinna said. “But we didn’t think we were on camera.”

In light of the developments involving his female guests — who have been since dubbed “The Marlins Man’s Mermaids” — Levy has a new goal.

“I’m going to try bringing sexy back to the MLB,” he said.

Good luck with all that, Marlins Man.