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Julian Edelman uses Taylor Swift song to react to NFL Top 100 ranking

When it comes to Julian Edelman’s reaction to charting at only No 71 on NFL Network’s NFL Top 100, all the New England Patriots wide receiver can do is “Shake it Off,” apparently.

That’s right. When asked to respond to his relatively low ranking during an appearance this week on NFL Network, Edelman invoked the lines from a Taylor Swift smash hit to articulate himself.

“I think, what is it, Taylor Swift? Haters gonna hate, players gonna play, I just gotta shake it off, just gotta shake it off. We’re going for 2017 now,” Edelman said.

So, it could be said that Edelman harbors no “Bad Blood” for the folks who compile the NFL Top 100 rankings, right?

It’s funny how Edelman acts like he’s not sure the lines are from a Swift song and then proceeds to nail them practically verbatim. Nice try by Edelman, but he can longer act as if he’s not a die-hard Swiftie. Although he wouldn’t be the first superstar athlete to proudly profess his admiration for the pop songstress.