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Athletics’ walk-off winning streak inspired by ‘Rally Skittles’

The Oakland Athletics claim a “sweet” good-luck charm initially discovered during spring training is now paying dividends in the wins-by-walk-off department. And it all starts with Skittles.

But in the Athletics’ case, the candy in question is referred to as “Rally Skittles,” or alternatively, “Hittles.”

The A’s on Monday night found themselves knotted up 2-2 with the Los Angeles Angeles in the bottom of the 11th inning. That’s when A’s catcher Stephen Vogt busted out the Rally Skittles, as noted by the team’s official Twitter account.

And wouldn’t you know it? Jed Lowrie won the game a short time later with a walk-off home run. It was Oakland’s third straight win, with each one of the walk-off variety.

It’s become abundantly clear, as has been the case with other “Rally” items discovered by MLB teams over the years, the A’s are really becoming convinced the “Rally Skittles” are paying dividends.

But there’s a method to the madness, as explained by A’s catcher Stephen Vogt, who reveals the “Hittles” craze started when a fan gave the team a big of Skittles during spring training, right before the team rattled off five consecutive wins.

Taste the rainbow, indeed.

Skittles of course have an interesting and long history in sports — more on that here — so it makes sense the Athletics are adopting them as a good luck charm.

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