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St. Louis Cardinals delete tone-deaf tweet about ring giveaway

The St. Louis Cardinals have quickly deleted a tweet some are arguing is sexist about an upcoming giveaway at Busch Stadium.

The Cardinals on May 18 will hand out replica World Series rings from the organization’s 1967 championship. To promote the giveaway, the team issued up the following tweet which alludes to a questionable win-win scenario involving a men’s apparent love of baseball and women’s purported love of jewelry.

As noted, the tweet was quickly deleted, but as is always the case, nothing is ever truly removed from the Internet, as several outlets captured a screengrab before its deletion.

The tweet arguably was more tone-deaf than outright insulting, although it certainly struck a nerve with some social media users. Either way, whoever is operating the Cardinals’ Twitter account should have known that the tweet would generate some blow black. Sometimes, erring on the side of caution in these kind of potentially sticky situations is the best policy.