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LaVar Ball: ‘If you can’t afford the ZO2’S, you’re NOT a BIG BALLER!’

LaVar Ball continued to showcase his patented brash brand of bravado by suggesting if you can’t afford his son’s first signature sneaker, perhaps you’re not enough of a “BIG BALLER” to own a pair. Or, in other words, you’re not worthy (or worth) enough.

Thursday marked the official rollout of former UCLA standout Lonzo Ball’s ZO2 sneakers, which feature “python microfiber texture, patent leather heel logos and a gel outsole¬†with a hand-painted DeLorean finish,” per SLAM Online.

The unveiling of the sneaker created a social media frenzy, primarily because of the arguably exorbitant price, as the standard ZO2 Big Baller Brand sneakers retail for a whopping $495. Not only that, added bells and whistles can jack up the price to nearly $1,000.

That’s right, to own a pair of the ZO2 WET Autographs edition, packaged in a key-locked glass box with a floor mirror, LED lights and an autograph from Lonzo Ball will cost $995.

And that’s for a pair of sneakers for a player who has yet to play in an NBA game, let alone drafted. Although it merits noting Ball is expected to be among the top picks in the 2017 NBA Draft.

Perhaps that’s while Ball’s negotiations with the sneaker world bigwigs like Nike, adidas and Under Armour fell apart.

The price of the shoes and the pomp and circumstance of their release not surprisingly was widely mocked and ridiculed on social media and by some pretty big names in the basketball world, including Shaquille O’Neal and Dick Vitale (here and here), among others.

Perhaps even less surprising is how LaVar Ball, known for his blustery pomposity when it comes to promoting his sons and their basketball-playing prowess, fired back at those critical of the price of the ZO2s.

In essence, LaVar Ball suggests if for some reason a person cannot afford to spend nearly $500 on a pair of sneakers, well, perhaps that person isn’t good enough to own them.

Got it. There’s a lot to unpack in that tweet. But either way, LaVar Ball, good, bad or otherwise, once again has demonstrated the capacity to leave people utterly speechless.

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