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Curt Schilling accuses Adam Jones of lying about Fenway incident

Curt Schilling on Thursday doubled-down on a Twitter rant from Wednesday night when he questioned whether Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones really had racial slurs directed at him during Monday’s game at Fenway Park.

After saying Jones is “full of (expletive), honestly” on camera right before the starting his Breitbart Radio Network webcast on Periscope Thursday morning, Schilling launched an extensive offensive to challenge whether the incident in question actually occurred.

“I don’t believe the story, given the world we live in,” Schilling said on the webcast, as transcribed by the New York Daily News. “I don’t believe it, for this reason: Everybody is starving and hungry to sit in front of a camera and talk and be social justice warriors. And if a fan yelled loud enough in center field for Adam Jones to hear the N-word, I guarantee you we would’ve heard and seen fans around on CNN on MSNBC, they would’ve found multiple fans to talk about what a racist piece of junk Boston is.”

Schilling went on to continue the argument that more people would have heard the racial epithets had someone actually yelled them at Jones. Schilling also claimed to have no issue with the Red Sox kicking out a fan who used racist language.

Regarding his claim that Jones is lying, Schilling did say he would apologize if the details of the night were somehow corroborated and proved to have occurred.

“If somebody did say it, we’re going to see it and hear about it, and I would apologize to Adam Jones for doubting him, but until then, I think this is (expletive),” Schilling said. “I think this is somebody creating a situation.”

Schilling obviously is no stranger to inflammatory commentary, and the above is but a small sampling of the controversial comments he made on his podcast.

With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise Schilling ratcheted up the rhetoric regarding this issue, one that has inspired so much debate and discussion. Nor should it be all that shocking he conveyed contrarian and conspiratorial theories about it, either.